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[IP] worst day...but still not as bad as MDI!!!

Alright -

Howdy, welcome to all the new folks, and what not.  As you saw from my
earlier post I don't have to worry about my lump, all I'm sorta worrying
about now is the fact that my thyroid has now gone hypo, but that will be
dealt with if we need to.  What I am b8%^#*&g about is my somewhat yucky
day.   Came home, changed my set - to see a hard lump at my infusion site -
this freaked me out a little, I called my CDE, she said to put some
neosporin on it, and watch it - if it gets bigger or hurts, etc. in the next
few days to call her again.  Okay, that's fine, the swelling has actually
gone down and it's not as red as this afternoon.  (I actually forgot to
change it yesterday - that would have made my three day mark, and this made
four, so I guess I can't go for four days without a problem.  Now I know,
and knowing is half the battle.....)

So, I decide to try a new site in my hip.  I put it in, go about my
business, and notice that I am starting to feel thirsty about an hour later.
I test and am a 248.  I bolus, hoping that it's not a site problem.  Check
an hour later.  306.  Site problem. Take it out, while I'm talking to hubby
on phone (he's at work) and it starts gushing blood everywhere!!! Guess we
know by now why the site wasn't working!!! VBG  I'm swearing up a storm,
hubby keeps asking 'what, what, what?'  I had to put him down, get some
paper towel, and hold it there for awhile.  Now there is a huge bruise there
that's pretty sore.  Oh well.  Put the new site in, this time in my abdomen,
and as I took the intro needle out blood started coming through it!!!!
YIKES!!! Took it out, sat down for a moment and just gathered my wits.  Got
out another set, prepped another site, and this one finally worked.  Half an
hour after the site change my BG came down to a 232, another half an hour it
was a 150, and by dinner it had come down to a 116 (almost two hours later).
I ate dinner, bolused accordingly for the carbs, and have been fine since.
I'm just breathing a big sigh of relief after the lump thing and then all
that blood gawwwwwwwwwddddddddddd!!!!  lol    But I could never imagine a
day like this ending on a halfways good note, when I was on shots it would
have ended with horrible horrible BG's for the next 24 hours or so, and I
know without a doubt that I will wake up tomorrow morning right where I want
to be.   I love my pump, I was semi-upset by the site changes, but I can
deal with it so much better than I did just a few months ago.  Now there's
some encouragement for y'all out there who are contemplating it - the bad
days, in my opinion, are not that bad at all when all things are considered.
Dawn email @ redacted

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