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[IP] re GENEVA'S ratio???

Being an old hand at this( 22 days with Paddy pumping) I am curious as to
whether, like I sometimes do, you pay more attention to the food Geneva eats
or the amounts when you are making changes, than at other times?  I mean,
not that you NEGLECT her other times, but are you hypervigilant?    I say
this because I am often more attentive than usual.
Not to be dishonest with the doc or to change the records, just cause I
AM--I notice  all the parents seem that way.  "We were cruising along then
such and such happened and I started counting every morsel....started
measuring...started timing exactly..."  It is human nature.  Is there a
chance that you are a little tighter on control so the numbers are not
scewed towards a slightly more casual lifestyle when NOT testing?  So the
control is tighter and the ratios more effective?
Charisma :)
Who's Paddy(6 yrs) has been pumping less than a month and who is pretty dang
tired of looking at every tidbit, but AWFUL pleased every tidbit is covered,
even if the present ratio drops him like a stone.....kee hee  Thank HEAVENS
for pumps!

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