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Re: [IP] Letter to Insurance re: # of test strips

email @ redacted wrote:
> I don't know why insurance companies think we
> don't need to know how our bloodsugars are running throughout the day & 
> night (there are 24 hrs to a day you know!!!). 

That's an easy one: they think diabetes is diabetes, and don't know that
some people's BGs are FAR more unstable than others.

If your BGs are stable and predictable, then you really DON'T need to
test very often; if they're not, then you  need to test much more

Every new diabetic should have plenty of strips available to determine
what their BGs are doing, especially in response to medications,
exercise, diet, etc., and then if they prove to be pretty stable, you
can cut down on your testing schedule. But both you AND the ins. co.
have to have a good reason for approving this (cutting down on testing)
-- otherwise, you're just playing with fire. 

It's frustrating to be ruled by bean counters!
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