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[IP] carb ratios/what is supposed to be correct for weight

I am very perplexed.

after having been told by our endo team that geneva needs way more insulin
per carb than she has been applying......I look at other kids her weight/age
and see that THEY are using alot of insulin per carb. so, I try out some new

she is dropping like a rock.   her weight and total insulin per day  (90#
and 26-28 units)  would imply that she needs a carb ratio of 1:19

ok...alot of you parents have kids on ratios that range from 1:10 for
breakfast up to 1:20 at the MOST for dinner or lunch.

I tried dinner tonight at 1:20 and geneva was 59 an hour and half later.

obviously not the carb ratio.

so...my question is this:

if mathematically... and by the carb ratio  'rule' of IP website... geneva
is supposed to have a carb ratio of 1:19,  then why is she dropping so much
while on a relatively low basal.
0.5  (also similar to others her weight/age)

no strenuous exercise this afternoon.  sat around drawing.

it is just looking as if these carb ratios are way too high for her.

we are pretty sure that the basals are right for this time period.


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