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[IP] Batteries, Venting ...


So here I am in week three of a new job.  Last Wednesday I got on 03
Alarm  ( low battery for D users ).  I changed batteries.  Today I get
another 03 Alarm starting at about noon.  At 3:00 I was giving a bolus and
I had to change the battery.  I do so.  Then I get an 02 alarm and have no
more spare batteries.  I live about 45 minutes away from home.  So I had to
go to my boss and tell her I needed to leave.  I am freaking out.  On
probation, have a doctors appointment tomorrow, have to leave early
today.  I am so prepared with spare everything, but I guess that is not
enough.  I am really in a major "I hate diabetes mode".  Plus my pain is
back and I can't get a refill on drugs until I go back to "that" doctor.  I
just feel like crawling into a hole.  Well, bottom line I just wish
diabetes would go away.

So for the really fun part.  I call D when I got home.  Well they'll
replace my two batteries and informed me that they knew they had some bad
packages of batteries but "have fixed the problem".  So me always having
plenty of supplies on hand asked them to replace all my batteries so I
wouldn't have to go through this ordeal again.  This is the 2nd time in
four months.  The last time I was at home and went through four batteries
which were replaced.  Anyway, so I have 8 batteries left from the bad
packages but they won't replace them because the problem is sporadic.  Well
excuse the *(&( out of me.  Am I suppose to cart around 10 spare batteries
just in case this happens again.  They know there is a sporadic problem yet
they won't replace all the batteries because some of them work.  She told
me just to call if they don't last a week.  What if they don't  last more
than a second, which is what happened today and four months ago?   So I am
suppose to call them and get them replaced if they don't last a
week.  ARG.  How many calls, how many doctors appointments?  Why not just
replace all the batteries for all of us if they know there is a problem,
sporadic or not.  In addition, I was told that the batteries are suppose to
last two months or some where around there depending on usage.  Well this
gal told me that batteries are only guaranteed for four weeks.

Thanks for letting me vent and understanding,
Fran, who's going to go cry some more :-(


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