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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #107

RoseLea, I remember my first day - about 9 years ago. I had rec'd only the 
technical training from MiniMed - no Diabetes Educator to learn the "rules" 
from, what to expect etc. I was on my own. I went to work (in the ER), 
checked my sugar every 2 or more hours, covered for carbs - that I ate very 
little of. And really did just fine. I haven't missed a day since. The 
important things for you - do you carb count? Do you know what your "carb 
ratio"is? If not, see a dietitian (who knows this stuff) or begin to learn it 
on your own. MiniMed has a book, Insulin Pump Therapy Handbook (not volume 1) 
that will be your guide if you are doing this "on-your-own". Covers setting 
basal rates, doing the basal testing, finding out how much 1u will drop your 
sugar, and fine tuning the insulin-to-carb ratio. If you are starting without 
someone to walk with you (contact several times a day fro the first several 
days..) then be sure to write back. Jeannie Hickey 
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