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[IP] MM 507C

Hi Everyone,
Well I finished testing my a.m. basal rates last week and my pump trainer
came up with a plan to see if this works out for me while I am at work.  I
am on the 507C and I do understand that it has 48 different basal rates and
a temp bolus, but my basal rates are fine when I am at home, I am
consistently low when I am at work, so the plan is to lower my basal rate
one hour before I leave for work (set temp rate lower .2) and continue
setting temp basal rates as my regular basal rate changes.  I have six
different rates that I use and they work fine for when I am at home.
That is why I was wishing for a 508 because I have more than one different
basal pattern depending on what I am doing, where I am and what time of the
month it is.
I tried the new plan on Sunday and everything went very well, but that was
only one day.  Today I had a 7-noon shift and used my new plan again and it
worked out pretty well again.  I had a 161 at 9:30 - break time which is
higher than I would like it to be but then again I wasn't 50 so. . .  I am
going to continue with the plan and see what happens.

Dawn dx'd 3/85 pumping since 4/20/99(almost my pump's 1st b-day)

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