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Subject: [IP] Looking for input from people who use an insulin mix..pretty please :)

We did try going back to just Humalog with Jenna, because the "tail" from
the Velosulin really caused her to drop right before lunch, if we used
enough insulin at breakfast to keep from having really high sugars 2 hours
after breakfast.  The very first site back on just H lasted less than 48
hours.  Her body just doesn't like pure H!  Ditto what the others have said
about mixing - I inject the air, then draw up the insulins with as few
bubbles as possible, roll it around, stand it at attention for a few hours,
squeeze out the bubbles, put it into the pump, and be sure to prime it with
the cartridge pointing toward the sky so that the bubbles still at the top
come out during priming.  We have a few bubbles now and then, but nothing
like what you're describing.


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