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Re: [IP] Not all pump starts are smooth (a warning)


I think it is a matter of realistic expectations and an individuals feeling about
the options.  Tthe first week that I was on injections, though I never said
anything I wasn't going to do it!!!  (I do remember the time that I braced myself
under a table in the Dr's office so I could avoid a shot.)

The years probably have helped - now I don't even think twice when I need to use
a syringe.  Putting in an infusion set is a different story - STILL and it's been
5.5 years on the pump.

I think it's important to get "comfortable" with a more "difficult" method of
treatment before going to something "easier".  All the words in quotes are
definitely variable based on each individual.

One thing to remember is that not all people "feel" the same benefit that you
have noticed.  And as a parent how much has it reduced your direct involvement
with your daughter's diabetes?

Jim S.
email @ redacted

email @ redacted wrote:

> My daughter went on the pump in December.  The first two to three months were
> hell.  Everything from constant thinking about diabetes, to site problems, to
> a higher a1c, to wild numbers.  Then, it got better.  Matter of fact, it got
> great.  The memories of being on shots is now a distant and sad one.  And
> believe me, our pump beginning was brutal.  We recently returned from a trip
> to Costa Rica and marveled at how easy this trip to a developing country was
> on the pump.  Actually, I think that within a few months, newly diagnosed
> people should be given the option of going on the pump, and the pump should
> be presented to people as a near future option, at the time of diagnosis.
> The myth is that the pump is harder and requires more discipline.  I think
> tight control achieved on shots take a greater toll and require greater
> sacrifice.
> Lindsey

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