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[IP] lump

Okay, my lump is apparently a cyst of some sort, but not on my kidney - it's
located a little higher up than that.  Doc wants to keep an eye on it, but
it seems to be nothing out of the ordinary.  SOOOOOOOOO that's done, and
Jan - I did think about that if I read the post from someone else I would
tell them to take care of it - point taken, it's all good.  Nothing to worry

However, my fatigue and sluggishness are most likely being caused by a
possible hypothyroid problem, but when I find out we'll start taking care of
it (remember I was dealing with HYPERthyroid problems late last year and
beginning of this year).  The doc said that this is actually a typical
response after dealing with a hyperthyroid problem even though it eventually
returned to normal functioning (having hyper problems may have damaged the
thyroid tissue enough to cause it to not work properly now).  Thanks for the
responses -
Dawn email @ redacted

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