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Re: [IP] rude comments and an ER visit

You captured the attitude perfectly in a few words "Is all this really 
necessary?".  My daughter and I have run into this attitude twice in recent 
months.  Once, when her teacher called her in and advised her to "talk about 
your diabetes less with your classmates, you will be more readily accepted as 
a new student".  What my smart, outspoken (like her mom) daughter explained 
to him was, that he was confusing behavior with "talking".  She explained to 
him that she really must test 4-6 times a day, and occasionally snack in the 
classroom, or even give herself a shot during school hours.  So if it seemed 
to him that every time he looked over at her, she was doing some task 
connected to her diabetes, well, I guess it was true.  Tight control does 
require a lot of fiddling.  Better than early complications in adult life.  
The second time this attitude surfaced was a few weeks ago at a neighbors 
house overnight.  My neighbor said to me later "Your daughter is so intense.  
She spends so much energy on her diabetes, and she doesn't have to do that.  
She has 2 parents who can do that for her."  Oh really?  The thought of 
routinely giving my 13 (almost 14) year old daughter her finger pricks, 
shots, insertions, boluses or whatever, makes my stomach turn; and also my 
daughter's.  My husband and I do all of these activities occasionally as 
needed, and lots of other stuff to lessen her load, but the fact of the 
matter is, to lead empowered lives, our diabetic children must be taught, in 
age appropriate ways, to take on the burden little by little.  Otherwise, 
they run the risk of viewing themselves in a damaged way, and not having the 
"can do" attitude it takes to be reasonably happy and diabetic at the same 
time.  Welcome to the world of diabetes; work, work and more work!
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