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Re: [IP] Not all pump starts are smooth (a

> I also had problems finding a comfortable place to
> wear the pump. These challenges seemed like a real
> pain at the time, but now with A1c's in the low to
> middle 6s it was definitely worth the effort. No
> regrets here.
I'm going to risk sounding like a complete loon here, 
but I'm more than a little excited about the potential 
of switching to pumping.  So I'm absorbing as much 
research material as I can find and what I can find I'm 
improvising myself.

Case in point.  I built a mock-up of a generic pump.  
Consisting of a used tin of altoids (properly weighted), 
a length of trimming wire (the sort used in weed eaters, 
 I based my target tensile strength on what I recall of 
IV tubing from the hospital the last time I was there -- 
if ip tubing has a different rigidity from iv tubing 
please correct me -- I think I've come reasonably close 
though.), and a roll of surgical tape easily obtainable 
from any walgreens pharmacy.

Now of course this lacks two important points of 
realism.  A)  Something actually POKING THROUGH the 
skin, but that's not gonna happen with weedeater wire 
honey, B) simulation of mechanical responses (i.e. 
alarams and whatnot, not to mention the mechanics of 
programming boluses/etc)

But I figure those points aren't critical to the puposes 
of my experiment which is simply to determine how 
easy/difficult it is to adjust to being attached to a 
pump.  The control factors of this experiment are 
simple.  Pretend it's real. (i.e. No fair taking it off 
(not even for bed -- especially not -- we're also going 
to ignore the existence of quick release infusion sets 
for the duration of this test),  no getting it wet 
(providing for least common denominator there), and no 
feeding it after midnight (no wait, that's what you do 
with a gremlin)

Week 1 is going to be experimenting with a 3.5' length 
of "tubing" (so far so good, even went to the bathroom 
without much clumsiness).  Week 2 will see a switch to a 
2' length.  Following weeks will be optional based on 
gathered data and determined need for further study.

-Sara G. (yes, did I forget to mention? My nickname in 
high school was "Beaker" -- the scientist's assistant 
from The Muppet Show)

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