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[IP] getting started

To Roselee and others just starting:

I liked the way my CDE did my training - I had one meeting with dietian to discuss carb counting.  I had a meeting with CDE and started with saline in the pump!  We did that for a week.  I'm glad as this got me used to everything.  And we foudn out I am allergic to part of the set, the tape and the skin prep!  Gald we found out before I started on insulin.  It was frustrating to wait, but worked the kinks out - like how to primp the pump, which I forget by the time I got Home!

I was very shaky after each appointment and wished I did not have to drive home the 1 hour in JAX traffic.  It was emotional stress - not physical.  This has been very emotional for me.

Today I started on the insulin!  YEAH!  we took care of all the allergic reactions and now the sites do not "hurt or sting".

Two hours later I feel great!

A couple of thoughts:  I am type II and insulin resistant - so the amount of insulin I am taking is considerably more than what I hear on IP.  almost twice to three times as much - that worried me - but CDE says Type II do that.

The first week I am to eat the same amount of carbo at each meal - so that we can regulate everything.  Then in two weeks, I will do the fasting at different times to "work the kinks out"

Also - as I have been running from 100 to 300 every day - they said they would bring me "down" slowly.  that if they tried to get me to 100-120 the first week - I would feel like "crap" (excuse).  so they want my bgs to be about 150 - 200 this first week.  

Thanks again for all your support - my cats have ignored the tubing after the first day or so!


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