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[IP] Re: Accuracy of Hemoglobin A1c tests

Recently LZottoli expressed concern:
> I just returned from my endo's office, and wondered how many others have had
> this experience.  My HA1c was 5.6, up .4 from what I have been usually
> running since being on the pump (had 1 at 4.9, 3 at 5.2).  I expressed
> surprise it was that low...

Until recently I put a lot of faith in those numbers, even after a fair
amount of scientific training with measuring instruments  :-)   Then, a
couple months ago, I got a value of 5.7, which elated me because the
previous one was 7.9! (I was in the process of getting adjusted to the
pump). By the time I got home, though, I was beginning to wonder if that was
possible. So I went back the next day, got another (my endo agreed this was
unlikely, and had them do it for free), and it was 7.1. Still a nice
improvement, but no longer a miracle.

My doctor and the lab folks couldn't explain what had happened. I'm hoping
it was an incorrectly taken measurement altogether, rather than just an
imprecise one. But I'm taking future values with a fair-sized hunk of salt!
I shoulda known better...

Keith Johnson
Fleischmann Planetarium
email @ redacted
"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana."
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