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Re: [IP] bad cold/high bgs

Hi, I just recovered from an infection and my bgs were high for about a 
week. I usually use about 40 units a day and went to using 90-100 units a 
day. Try your best to get him over the sickness as quickly as possible, keep 
a good check on his bgs, I was checking about 15 times a day. I didn't 
change my basals, but YMMV. DAN

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>Subject: [IP] bad cold/high bgs
>Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 10:35:12 EDT
>Hi all,
>Can anyone tell me what I'm to do with my son Kevin. He has a really bad 
>and his bgs are way up. We keep bolusing to get him down, but not much 
>Should I change his basals temporarily and if so, how much and how long?
>Thanks, Linda
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