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[IP] bubbles and mixing/ barb

ok, here is what I do.

geneva has a mix of 30 V and 150 H to total 180.  (easy to see the line for

I have both H and V out at room temp for about hour or so before drawing up
our cartridges.

I put 150 air into the H vial.
I put about 30  (guessing here) air into V vial.

I draw out about 30 of the V insulin.
I draw out the H until it reaches my 180 mark.  (of course being real
careful to keep any of that H going back up into the V vial.)

I push my cartridge needle into the vials in an upside down position so that
there is liquid touching the needle at all times.  this seems to help with
bubbles.  I tilt the vial and syringe a bit also.

I load up 6-8 cartridges at a time and put them in the refrig. in a tupper
ware container.  they all seem to be bubble-LESS by the time we get to each
one.  we put one on the counter at 'attention' until ready to place in pump.

it might help too...when you go to bleed the insulin from the cartridge
through the tubing PRIOR to placing in pump...that you hold the cartridge
pointing UP while you are squeezing the end to get the insulin out of the
port. (gosh , does this make sense?)

in other words...after connecting the filled cartridge to the tubing...you
hold cartridge at attention while you push the plunger to get the tubing

hope this works.


> We have been mixing for about 11 months, and in those 11 months, we have
> been having difficulties with bubbles

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