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Re: [IP] younng adullts/parent of young adults

I haven't seen anyone write in about this so hopefully I'm not repeating anyone's message...

Insurance plans have something called COBRA that can be enacted when the insured person no longer is officially covered by the plan.  The individual deals with the employer to make payments etc.  This is needed when the employee is no longer eployed by the insuring company or when a child moves outside of hte covered ages/terms.  I thnk the length of time is about 18 months.. thoguh for kids it may be longer...  It DOES cost you, but in my opinioin a diabetic should NEVER be uninsured if at all possible... It also is very important in terms of the continued coverage of an individual.  Insurance companies have different policies regarding preexisting conditions, but these are always (to the best of my knowledge) waived if the individual has been insured without break since diagnosis.  Good luck!

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