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Re: [IP] frustrated mom

Wow!  This sounds like our probs with MDI pre pump!  I would HATE to greet
these blamed problems coming up the pike again........
Turns out, with the MDI we had two issues that are just now becomming clear.
We were giving NPH at 10:30-11pm and his highs came at midnight and 1 am!
Not too helpful.
Also, Paddy was EXTREMELY insulin resisitent.  Was on nearly 50 or even over
50 some days units /day to control ketones. The base dose alone was 35 or
more.  No high treatments included.
The pump has him on 27.5-29 per day including basals.
We did get our first ketones last night and he slept HORRIBLY!
When you get this figured out, will you share the answer with the list?  I'd
be really curious how this plays out.
Charisma :)

>We have tried these changes over the last 5 or
> 6 months, we have changed things slowly to give them a chance to work.
> Nothing we have tried has had any long term (I mean more than 3 days)
> effect.

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