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[IP] Looking for input from people who use an insulin mix..pretty please :)

Hi folks,

We have been mixing for about 11 months, and in those 11 months, we have
been having difficulties with bubbles.  I have tried everything.  Room
temperature, tightening the top of the syringe so air doesn't get in,
letting it sit overnight.  One thing I have been doing, and perhaps this
has been my downfall all along, is, I have been drawing air into the
syringe in order to mix the insulins together.  BUT, I work like a
madwoman to get alllllll the little bubbles out afterwards.

So...my question...
For those of you who mix, do you draw air into the syringe to have room
to swish the insulins around, or do you just rely on the addition of the
second insulin to sufficiently combine the two?  Maybe this has been my

AND...one more thing while I have your attention
For those of you who have mixed, and then gone back to straight Humalog
after a period of time, were you successful with the straight Humalog
again?  Did it work for awhile and then site deterioration happened
again?  If so, were there any problems adjusting to the mix
again.....did it still work?  Erica started pumping with straight
Humalog and it was wonderfully successful for 2 months, then we started
seeing sites giving up after 30 hours.  Sugars that would not come down
no matter what you bolused.  Anyway, the mixing was a blessing, I
shudder to think what we might have had to do without it.  But the #*#*#

bubbles are driving me crazy.  I thought going back to straight humalog
might be worth the try, but depending on any information I gather here,
perhaps it will be a waste of time.

So, if you could spare a few minutes to give me some ideas, suggestions,
words of wisdom, this bubble fighting momma will be more than
appreciative.  Erica receives a small amount of basal compared to
adults, and even a 1" bubble plays great havoc with her numbers.  She
checks for bubbles evertime she goes to the bathroom, but she doesn't
have to go as much as she used to so they are often missed.

so...H E L P ! !

Barb....Erica's mom

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