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[IP] Re: RE: other autoimmune disorders

I have Raynaud's Phenomenon, which causes a hyperconstriction of the fingers 
causing my fingers to go white & numb when it's the least bit cool outside or 
in a room.  I went to a Rheumatologist to have blood levels drawn to check 
for any signs of Rheumatoid arthritis, Scleraderma, Lupus, etc.  because 
Raynaud's is often associated with those conditions.  I was essentially 
negative for those conditions, except for one test that was borderline high.  
   He couldn't explain the Raynaud's other than it sometimes occurs to women 
without any other conditions...although it can be related to diabetes.   The 
Rheumatologist seemed very interested in the relationship to one autoimmune 
disorder to others and was puzzled as to why I have Raynaud's.

Also,  my Endo. does thyroid studies once a year or so because my thyroid 
appears large.  But those studies have been within normal limits.

This may sound weird,  but I read an article a couple years ago, that 
suggested premature labor or miscarriages may be associated with autoimmune 
diseases, with an increase incidence when carrying a boy baby.....  It is 
pretty amazing that our bodies don't reject having another person growing 
within us, isn't it?....Awesome Creator!    Has anyone else ever heard of 
this or read anything about these studies?   I haven't read anything recently 
suggesting this.  

dx'd Type 1 w/pregnancy at age 35.
pumping since 11/99
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