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[IP] lump

RUN, do not walk, go past *Go* and do not collect $200 or go to jail to your
nearest health-care person!!!  Your life is far more important that
considering a wait for a doctor. Get a referral immediately to see someone
about that lump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The *ostrich treatment* (sticking
your head in the sand) is NOT going to help you. Having DM does NOT preclude
one from other maladies. Do not depend on uneducated, non-medical people
(list) to dx something we cannot see. You need to get that checked LAST
WEEK!!  Pretend someone else wrote your post -- how would you respond to
Keep us aprised of the situation - and I DO mean situation!
Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

> I've been tired lately and sleep in easily until noon or 1
> the next day.  I still don't feel rested, it's as if I'm completely
> fatigued.    I have been weepy, sort of depressed
> feeling, that's been going on for a couple of weeks now.  My BG's are a
> out of wack, even if I change my basal rates they are all over the place
> - on the left side of my back there is a diagnol lump
> like this:  \ but at a shallower angle, it seems to be located over the
> position of where my bottom ribs connect in the middle with the ribs from
> the other side (like right beneath where they end on my back), and is very
> slightly tender to the touch.  It's probably an inch and a half to two
> inches long, and is maybe a finger width  wide.   I'm sure my chance of
seeing a
> doc soon is close to nil - they've been booked solid and I'm not willing
> drive 150 miles just to sit for a cancellation.
> Dawn email @ redacted

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