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Re: [IP] What can I expect?

First off, CONGRATS!!!  You are going to love it.  There will definitely be 
an acclamation period, but you will be fine.  I remember my first few days 
vividly.  I was constantly tired because I was getting up at 3 am for the 
testing, not to mention the fact that i now had this thing attached to me. I 
love to toss and turn when I sleep and the pump does not do much to allow 
this (I learned very quickly that the pump is NOT comfortable to lay on).  I 
was also really nervous because my BGs were all over the place.  It was very 
difficult to get them under control those first few days, but then they 
evened out and everything was fine. I have learned to sleep with the pump 
quite effectively (I have even moved it from one side to the other in my 
sleep!!).  IT takes some time to get used to having to be constantly 
attached to this machine, but once you get used to it you will wonder how 
you ever survived with out it!!!  :) :) :)

D for 7 yrs, pumping for 1

"But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is that
-From the immortal Tigger Song

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