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Travel Tales (was)Re: [IP] I am back!! (rather long, sorry)

   Great stories - and meeting a fellow pumper just made it even more 
memorable. Just wanted to share that a friend's daughter ( who started 
pumping with Melissa over 4 yrs ago) went to London last summer & shortly 
after she arrived discovered her bg was in the high 400s!! Poor mom back in 
the USA was ready to run for the safe deposit box to retrieve her passport, 
but an injection of insulin and complete set change-out did the trick. The 
causative theory? - that being seated for 6 hours with a seat belt on had  
possibly crimped/bent/disturbed the infusion set sufficiently to block the 
flow of insulin. Plus the lack of activity during that time....Just another 
reminder to "time travelers" to consider potential problems, even though many 
IP-ers have done long trips & maintained good bgs too.

Regards, Renee
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