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[IP] Re: donation of Pump

I've been IDDM for 19 years now, diagnosed brittle, never had good control 
and have just discovered I've got the first stages of retinopothy (hope 
that's spelt right?) my luck just ran out.  I've been trying to get help 
with purchasing a pump for 4 years now, I'm on a disability pension, in 
goverment housing and can't afford private health insurance.  If I was 
offered an old pump that had been donated I'd be willing to sign anything 
waiving all party's of liability and deal with the problem of supplies 
later, at least I'd have the pump, a major step in my opinion.  I realise 
this probably isn't going to help you in any real way except maybe let you 
know just how much someone would appreciate it.  This also reminds me I read 
earlier something about people having loads of extra tubing? or something.  
It's a pity someone doesn't organise something like a collection centre 
where old pumps, extra tubing etc could be collected and distributed to 
those in need, along the lines of the guy that collects unused insulin and 
sends it over to third world countries.  Anyway, that's my opinion.
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