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Re: [IP] Accuracy of Hemoglobin A1c tests

email @ redacted wrote:

> told me my reading of 5.6 was probably comparable to the "average" person's
> reading of 8, the 4.9 comparable to a 7.

My A1c is consistently in the normal range and that clearly doesn't
match my bgs.  I test alot because of hypo unawareness and a less than
consistent short digestive system.  The short digestive system also
contributes to higher post-meal bgs.  Pre-pump the Nurse Practitioner
and I were concerned and thought it should be higher since I was having
lots of hypo problems with the yo-yo bgs I had.  When it stayed the same
with the pump and I wasn't having hypo problems, we decided it wasn't a
problem.  I must "glycate" slowly <g>.  

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