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[IP] Okay, here's a maybe related, maybe unrelated question re: Immune system

Alright, well I got to thinking.  I've been tired lately (like the last
month, I go to bed around midnight - 1) and sleep in easily until noon or 1
the next day.  I still don't feel rested, it's as if I'm completely
fatigued.  I still end up with a little bit of energy later in the day to
maybe go for a short bike ride or play tennis with my hubby but then I am
worthless the rest of the evening.  I have been weepy, sort of depressed
feeling, that's been going on for a couple of weeks now.  My BG's are a bit
out of wack, even if I change my basal rates they are all over the place
(but not as bad as they would have been on MDI, thankfully).  Now, here's
the Christmas turkey - on the left side of my back there is a diagnol lump
like this:  \ but at a shallower angle, it seems to be located over the
position of where my bottom ribs connect in the middle with the ribs from
the other side (like right beneath where they end on my back), and is very
slightly tender to the touch.  It's probably an inch and a half to two
inches long, and is maybe a finger width  wide.  I went and checked out some
of the sites about adrenal problems, etc.  but can't find a pic that would
show me where they might be located, of course along with my kidneys, so I
can see if it's maybe something related to that.  Again, anyone know where I
might be able to find that out, or has anyone else experienced something
similar?  I don't think it's a cyst, I have a couple of cysts on my right
wrist that don't hurt at all, it just looks like a knobby wrist, and I can
push them in and they'll disappear for a while (the thing on my back
doesn't).   Any info would be wonderful , as I'm sure my chance of seeing a
doc soon is close to nil - they've been booked solid and I'm not willing to
drive 150 miles just to sit for a cancellation.
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