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[IP] Not all pump starts are smooth (a warning)

My pump start - the morning after had to be the worst pain of my life.  Ever
had a "low" headache - the kind that result from being low for hours?

I woke up with a migraine so intense, I just cried silently.  I am the type
who never lets others see my pain - especially my family.  But there was no
way I could stop those gentle tears from flowing... it was positively
excruciating.  Why?  Well, my basals did start out too high - but that
wasn't really it.  I had been having A1c's for YEARS of around 10.0 -
suddenly BAM, I was ~100 for 24 hours.  My body was in full fledge REVOLT!

I was supposed to go back that day for training part II and had to have
someone else drive me!  I couldn't look at light, nonetheless the sun :(

It's just a warning that not everyone has a glorious start.  I thank god
every day for my pump - it has given me a new lease on life and I love it
with my heart and soul... so if its bad, hang in there - it's worth it!


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