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[IP] autoimmune

My sister is also a type I.  Mom has thyroid problems, severe endometriosis
(both autoimmune).

I have severe allergies, mild asthma and a VERY weak immune system.  It's
improved some since my A1c's have come down (body cannot "fight" as well
when you are high).

I've always sought a link from all my various conditions - some I can tie
together with the autoimmune category, but many I cannot... sometimes I even
hypothesize that every organ in my body was "slightly" damaged at the time
of diagnosis (in severe DKA about an hour from death, blood sugar >1800, had
been "high" (now that we know what it means) for three weeks...

We all want answers to our problems... the reasons, the rationale, the
answer to "why?"  But it is very possible we will never find that "link" in
our lifetimes - roll with the punches, take life as you have it and
appreciate the strength, maturity and wisdom that being chronically ill can
give you.  Remember those less fortunate - the ones without treatments - the
ones who don't get a chance to fight, and live for today - even if it means
tomorrow might be shorter ;)

Just my $0.02,

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