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Re: [IP] What can I expect?

Good for you!!!!!!!! You can expect to find yourself in somewhat a state of 
disbelief...are these readings right?...They are so close to(or in!!!) the 
normal range and I am not bouncing all over the place! WOW...pinch 
myself...this has to be a dream! You are on the road to a better life 
Roselea and I am sooooooo happy for you, I just want to give you a big 
Depending when you take your last shot of NPH, you may experience some lows. 
Best to be conservative when setting your basals to start with. My Dr. was 
very conservative and I was glad because my bgs were great when I first got 
hooked up. If he had not been as conservative then I would have gone low. 
Make sure you test often as your hypo-unawareness makes this a necessity. 
You will find that over the next few weeks after start-up, you will start to 
regain your hypo awareness. I think you are very well prepared and will 
handle everything just fine. If you do have any lows...you have lots of 
experience handling those!! I have found that the symptoms of a low are not 
as pronounced as they were on MDI, and not as severe either.
You will probably find yourself thinking every once in a while..."Oh, no! I 
forgot to take my shot!" Then you will feel so relieved to remember that you 
don't have to worry about that any more!
I will be thinking of you and wish you all the best. :o)
......Carolyn....Happily Pumping! :o)

>From: "RoseLea" <email @ redacted

>Ok folks, looks like I'm gonna finally start pumping. So, what can I 
>expect?  I know it will be rough going for a few days, and guess I'll have 
>to wing it a lot!  But what's it like going from 3-4 shots of NPH and R per 
>day to the pump?  I need to get prepared.


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