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[IP] I am back!! (rather long, sorry)

Hi List members and pals!  I am back from vacation in Tahiti, and still in
one piece. (I think!)
My sugars were almost the best they have ever been, even with getting
spoiled with all these rich cruise line foods.  What a treat!  To be waited
on hand and foot, and we got whatever we desired, wow, a dream come true!
hehe  You should have seen the desserts they piled on us too!  Wow.  One
unit for each one, and I was fine!
I had a problem after my 13 hour flights, I had my first ever bent canula,
and we blamed it on the very bad turbulence on the LAX to Tahiti plane trip.
I also barfed my brains out, due to nerves over being told I could not sit
with hubby on plane trip.  Only my first plane trip too, so that didn't
help.  I took my Xanax, but it came right back out, so no good there.
Anyway, we sat together, but ride was very turbulent, and bent set.  So
changed next day and all was ok, then the heat hit!  It was about 85+
degree's, ALL week, and humidity that makes your toes sweat too! :)  So
dealt with tape problems, but we managed, after putting a triple dose/layer
of tegaderm on, I was ok.
I met a very interesting man, and my husband knows it too! haha.  Hal Fraser
works aboard the ms Paul Gaugin cruise liner, and he is a pumper too!  We
noticed a tube running from a man's shirt, to his waist, during a fire
drill/or whatever they are called.  He was working with the man on the PA
system.  After done, I just waltzed over and said "are you a diabetic?" and
he almost fainted!  He said in his 15 years of pumping he has never met
another pumper either!  So we all had lunch, Ken, Hal and myself and traded
stories.  Hal has been pumping for over 15 years, and loves it too of
course.  It was great, my first cruise and got to meet my first pumper
besides myself! I loved it.
Just wanted to update all and say I am glad to be back on stable ground,
even though I still have jet lag.
Hugs to all,
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted

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