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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #107

In a message dated 4/17/00 7:05:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< >So, what can I expect?  I know it will be rough going for a
 > few days, and guess I'll have to wing it a lot!  But what's it like going
 > from 3-4 shots of NPH and R per day to the pump?  I need to get prepared.
 > RoseLea >>

i am another one pumping for 8 weeks and would not ever consider giving this 
pump up!!the great feeling is just too much!!  awesome. we had 3 hours class 
and got hooked up and they sent us off to lunch for an hour..each of us 3 
pumpers went our seperate way..here i was sitting at subway with my lunch in 
front of me and my mind went totally blank and i am looking at the buttons 
scared of which one to not push or to push..i can laugh at it now..it is very 
easy..but remember everything new takes getting used to..i also had problems 
with the UL that i was on..we did not take it the night before..the other 2 
in the class were having great results right away from pumping but not me..i 
had 400 bs so was treating for ketones and feeling yukky..but by day 3 i was 
smiling and have been ever since..the instructor mentioned that it just took 
that ul along time to get completely out of my system etc..have been on the 
same basals since i started but thinking of doing some changing as i have 
lost 17 pounds!!!!!  gwen
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