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Re: [IP] frustrated mom

In a message dated 04/17/2000 1:05:50 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Does this happen to anyone else?>>
Yes, all the time, even after pumping for 4 years.  I think some of us my 
have raging hormones, stress reactions, illness, or who knows what, that 
keeps our basal rates changing.  Mine are usually .8 to 1.0 and go up pre 
period and down during period time.  This month a few days pre-period I have 
only needed .4 to .6, where usually my needs are way higher, more like 1.2.  
What's UP!!??  I have no idea, just glad I have the ability to change them.  
No wonder MDI didn't work.
 <<What are we doing wrong?>>
Probably nothing.  Our bodies aren't the perfect machines we'd like them to 

Best of luck,
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