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Re: [IP] What can I expect?

In a message dated 04/17/2000 1:04:31 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< So, what can I expect?  I know it will be rough going for a
 few days, and guess I'll have to wing it a lot!  But what's it like going
 from 3-4 shots of NPH and R per day to the pump?  I need to get prepared.
Gosh, Roselea, can you hear me jumping up and down and cheering all the way 
from Arizona?  Glad you decided to go ahead with it.  It took my insurance 
company almost a year to get the payment settled, but that was in the "dark 
ages", at a HMO in 1995.  As more of us are pumping, they are slowly but 
surely coming around.

Many pump starts go smoothly.  I think we see a lot of problems here on the 
list, because the smooth ones just don't post as they don't have a reason to, 
other than to share their newfound joy.

On the day I started I didn't take my long-acting Lente the morning of the 
start, but only took the Reg with my usual breakfast.  I am a creature of 
habit and eat the same breakfast for months at a time, just to try to get my 
am bgs to behave.  I ate and took Reg at 8am, hooked up at CDE's office at 
9am, then tested every hour, just to satisfy my own curiosity and be able to 
relax.  She started me with a "higher than usual" target of 150, because I am 
such a chicken hearted worrier.  I was 165 at lunch, used a 1:12 ratio on a 
Subway sandwich, which I had eaten many times before so I felt comfortable 
with it.  I was 210 2 hrs later, so we did a crx bolus.  The CDE was having 
me put my bgs into her pager every hour and that made me feel very 
comfortable that she was "watching", without having to actually talk to her 
and interrupt her hourly.  We did every 2 hrs thru the first few nights.  
Then we talked daily. Made some adjustments during the first few days, and 
I've been on my own pretty much since.  The absolutely amazing thing is to 
watch your bg stay in a range of your choosing, like between 100-150, and 
STAY THERE most of the time instead of an occassional pass thru going up and 
down.  Things were much more stable than on MDI, even the first few days.  
What made me most comfortable was testing hourly, just to calm my fears.  On 
MDI any number with a 1 in front of it was justification for a Hershey bar!

You should be fine with what you've learned here and all your investigation 
and studying in preparation.  You are 10 times more prepared than probably 
most other pump starters.  

I wouldn't feel too stressed about going 2 hrs away as long as you're with 
someone else and take ample supplies with you.  Remember that lows are more 
responsive to treatment with pumping than on MDI and it may not take as many 
carbs to treat.

Best of luck and a big hug,

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