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Re: [IP] What can I expect?

i just started pumping and the day after when you don't have any shots to 
take is like a small miracle!!!  I took 2 shots nph each day and 3 of humalog 
with meals before pumping.  When I started (and everyone is different) I 
checked my bg 8-12 times a day. fasting, before meals, 1 hour after meals, 
mid afternoon, bedtime, midnight and 3am.. it was very tought the first week, 
but it was worth it!!!  I was scared too!! Especially going to the bathroom.. 
i wear mine like a beeper and i prefer the short tubing now, but the first 
few times i tugged at the tubing, dropped the darn thing, etc!! i felt all 
thumbs!!! but now, it's just another part of me... good luck!! 
dx 10-88- pumping since 4/3/00!!! 
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