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Re: [IP] What can I expect?

RoseLea -

I could not believe how easy it was, RoseLea!!!  I went to training, then
went to Taco Bell for lunch.  I was a little iffy about since we weren't
sure how things would go but I did it anyway.  I was very careful with that
first meal bolus, but I had no reason to be.  I had matched things
perfectly, my BG an hour later was a 120 something, another hour later it
was an 87, and stayed that way well past dinner.  I hit a low right before
bed (I was staying at a motel since training was far away), treated it,
called my CDE to report how things were going, and then went to bed.  I
slept horribly that night I think just because of first night jitters or
something.  I tested at midnight and 3 and six in the morning, all were
great.  Then came bathtime!  I set it on the side of the tub, bathed
carefully, and found out that it too was easy.   From then on I have almost
forgotten at times that I am diabetic.  I feel so good, my BG's are great,
living with it thus far hasn't been much of a problem.  I'm going to be
honest here, my hubby was a little scared of it at first - especially with
sex, he was scared to lean on me somehow because he was afraid he might hurt
me.  We had a talk about it and I told him it doesn't hurt, I've showed him
what the site looks like before and after I take the set out, etc.  Now he
worries about whether or not my basal rates are set right because I have a
low sometime (like last night after playing tennis) but that's it.  It was
hard for me to throw all of my 'shot stuff' out of my purse, except for one
site change, one set of batteries, and one syringe which takes up inf. less
room and doesn't really require replenishing.  Someone, as somebody else
posted, will have to pry it out of my dead cold hands to take it away.  :)
Dawn  email @ redacted

>So, what can I expect?  I know it will be rough going for a
> few days, and guess I'll have to wing it a lot!  But what's it like going
> from 3-4 shots of NPH and R per day to the pump?  I need to get prepared.
> RoseLea

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