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Re: [IP] Sara's Klingon, and Lori

Sheesh, there's more than one of us that knows a little Klingon?
Coooooooool.   Remember (those of you Star Trek fans out there) that I named
my pumps 'One of Two' and 'Two of Two.'   heh heh  This could constitute
people calling me a Trekkie or a Trekkie Nerd.   VBG    On to Lori, though -
your son is okay, I'm sure you would have done fine, but we all (diabetic,
diabetic supporters, etc.) have all had some sort of breakdown or another.
I actually have spent the last few days being very weepy for various
reasons - it just means you are a HUMAN. (no pun intended here with the
Klingon stuff).  lol  We all reach a breaking point, we cross it once in a
while, but we always end up going back over it to the non-breaking point,
hopefully where there are some chocolate chip cookies and Diet Pepsi.
mmmmmmmmmmmmm But you've got a great resource in this list, you know we will
all be listening.

Dawn  email @ redacted

> -Sara G. (who swears up a blue streak everytime her BG
> drops below 60... usually in English, sometimes in
> Spanish, and on a couple of occasions in remarkably
> fluent Klingon)

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