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[IP] 508 Problem

I'm hoping that someone can help me.  My 508 which I got in December started 
skipping tones when it played back how much I had programed in using the 
audio bolus.  It would always deliver the right amount, at least it did every 
time I checked it, but I did call Mini Med and they said they had never heard 
of that but if I wanted they would send me another one and take a look at the 
one I had.  Well, I went ahead and sent it back for peace of mind, but the 
problem is the replacement pump I got is doing the same thing.  I use the 
audio bolus a lot, actually most of the time.  The first time it happened I 
thought it must be my imagination but then it happened twice in a row just 
now.  I've tried pushing the edge of the buttons, pushing them really fast, 
and every possible way I could think of and it wouldn't happen then, because 
I usually don't really look at it when I do it but I can't get it to happen 
when I try.  Please tell me it's not just me!

   Loving my pump even with the problems
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