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[IP] first few days on pump

I am Karen (daughter of Marie who hardly writes in on
this) and I am 12 years old, in sixth grade, and on a
pump. I've been on a MM pump for 9 months. I
absolutely love the pump. It is wonderful! It gives
you so much freedom!! (By the way, this is in reply to
the lady who wondered how her first few days on a pump
will go).  My first few days on a pump went really
well.  I actually had no problem with lows as my CDE
set my basals at a conservative rate so I ran sorta
high the first few days. During the first few days we
checked my BG about 8-10 times a day until we figured
out the basals.  I really wish you and everyone who is
going on the pump the very best of luck!!  I know you
will love it!!! 

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