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Re: [IP] Help- pumpers --Michael

Michael wrote:

>>But .... to satisfy the nit pickers, you may have to raise your hba1c<<

Do you think that can be a real issue for approval from private insurance,
Michael?  My last A1c in January was 5.2, but I have a lot of low lows...
(as low as 12 on my meter).  Although I had a "good" A1c, the other items my
endo indicated on the Medical Necessity form hopefully will negate that
(History of severe glycemic excursions, Wide flucutations in glood glucose
levels before mealtime, Day to day variations in work schedule, mealtimes,
etc.)  He listed my before mealtime fluctuations at 35 to 300+.  Will the
insurance only look at the 5.2 A1c and say "no"?  I'm just wondering what to
expect from them when they finally get the paperwork (hopefully by the end
of this week, if the lady at BC/BS of Minnesota was correct).  I want this
pump paid for, but hubby has already said I should just go ahead and do it,
we'd get a loan if we'd have to.

Type 1 for nearly 37 years, finally going for it.

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