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[IP] frustrated mom/oh yeah!

> When we change Eve's basals or her boluses we have noticed that the next
> her bg will be lower, no matter what we change. > Does this happen to
anyone else?

well,  I would say we are experiencing similar situation.  but...instead of
lower, we are now going higher.  and I am quite sure it  has to do with
growth/menses!    I don't think we will ever have the predictability that
most of the adult pumpers on this list have.

 as soon as I think we have it nailed down...something changes.  in geneva's
case,  it is the carb ratio. I am getting more aggressive now that I see
what the other 11-12 year olds are using!

now that the weather is starting to warm up...we are getting ready for a
whole new set of basals.

not much advice here...just another mom venting!

mom to 11 yr. old geneva

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