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Re: [IP] Re: Mom feeling very bad

> Hi Everyone I had to post this as I 
> feel awfull about it I am still sick
> today with guilt I think.
You're his mommy.  He's your baby ( no matter how old he 
is ).  As you said yourself, had you been alone you 
would have acted calmly and focused because you'd have 
known that you HAD to.  But you didn't have to.  So 
instead of focusing on solving the problem at hand, your 
mind was able to paint itself with horrible images.  
Images of your son potentially dying.  I can't imagine 
anything worse than watching a child of mine die.  
Parents were meant to outlive their children.

My father often told me, "Don't make me bury you."

But your boy is alright, he had a nasty scare (and so 
did you and your husband for that matter), but it's 
over.  He'll go on and remember this incident well 
enough to make sure it doesn't happen to himself again, 
and you'll be there to help him with that.

Lows are one of those things that just HAPPEN.  No 
matter how good your control, unless your maintaining 
your levels too high (which is bad in its own right), 
there's going to be falls.  No, you didn't jump right in 
and play EMT, but I'll wager that chances are you WILL 
when the time comes that he needs you, and you'll do 
wonderfully, because the alternative (him dying) is 

-Sara G. (who swears up a blue streak everytime her BG 
drops below 60... usually in English, sometimes in 
Spanish, and on a couple of occasions in remarkably 
fluent Klingon)


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