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[IP] Re: Mom feeling very bad

Hi Everyone I had to post this as I feel awfull about it I am still sick 
today with guilt I think. Last night Ryan had a low 1.8 he was in bed but 
got up and had some juice and then 2 tablets and went back to bed.I followed 
him as he still did not seem right. So I did another test and he was 1.2. I 
went to get some coke and then my husband came because I told him Ryan was 
getting very strange and I may need his help.When we got to his room he was 
laying in bed and my husband just took over and was giving him some coke to 
drink and I went across the hall to get the glucagon kit just in case and 
when I came back Ryans head just dropped and he started squeeling and crying 
and thrashing in his bed and I guess my husband knew I was going to loose it 
because he told me to leave and I did and he shut the door and I went 
downstairs and cried.Then pulled myself together and went back up.I dont 
know what was wrong with me I just could not stand to see this happening to 
my child and the look in his eyes was scary. Anyway my question is has 
anyone else experienced this? Am I just a big whimp or what? I was sick last 
night and today I still feel weird and cant get it off my mind.I think if I 
was alone and this happened I could deal with it because I know I would have 
to do it to save him but why do I wimp out because my husband is there.I 
feel terrible that I did that I should have kept calm because I know what to 
do it just freaked me out to see it that bad.For me it was the most 
terrifying thing I have seen and dont want to see it again.This was a first 
for me to experience and will make darn sure he does not go that low 
Thanks for listening!!
Lori Ryans mom
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