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[IP] Accuracy of Hemoglobin A1c tests

I just returned from my endo's office, and wondered how many others have had 
this experience.  My HA1c was 5.6, up .4 from what I have been usually 
running since being on the pump (had 1 at 4.9, 3 at 5.2).  I expressed 
surprise it was that low, having had a couple months of pretty high bg 
readings (although, indeed, they never stay up).

My doctor, who has certainly told me things before that I am quite sure are 
incorrect (but I do like her anyway and mainly she isn't on a power trip), 
told me my reading of 5.6 was probably comparable to the "average" person's 
reading of 8, the 4.9 comparable to a 7.  She is basing this on a quick 
perusal of my bg readings.  (I average over 10 a day, and many are quite soon 
after meals, since with the gastroparesis I always test to make sure things 
are working before I go out, especially if I'm going to drive.  So the 
chances that she has seen someone with an 8 with comparable bg readings is 
really low)

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