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Kathy wrote:

Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 08:50:53 EDT
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gosh i have heard so many problems with the mini med pumps over the past
three weeks or so i am glad that my daughter has disetronic pumps. so far 
has not had any problems with them and we have only had to change each
battery just once since jan 6 this yr.

I have worn a Minimed since October 1996 and I have never once had a 
problem with it.  Not any problem at all.  Takes a licking and just Keeps 
on ticking.    I will wear no other pump.  I don't have any machine, auto 
or appliance with a record this good!
AND just cause it feels soooo good to say so, Got my last bg  from the doc 
at quarterly visit - 5.8!!!! A personal best.  He said he was proud of me 
and I was his best patient!    Thanks MiniMed!
Bonnie Richardson

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