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Re: [IP] Help- pumpers

-He's not against me getting a pump but he said he doesn't know how he can 
justify someone in such good control ( last Ha1c 6.6) getting a pump-

I to had problems when I first tried to get a pump because I had such a 
great HbA1c (6.2).  I even told my endo that I was not sure I deserved the 
pump because I was not doing all I could to take care of my self and I was 
in such good control.  She explained to me that the pump was a good idea 
even with my great HbA1c.  The pump would allow me more freedom and easier 
control of highs and lows.  As a college student and waitress this was 
really important to me because my life is hectic enough with-out having to 
deal with four shots a day.  When I first requested the pump my insurance 
company denied because of my HbA1c.  I just keep pushing and pushing until 
finally they agreed.  I think they deny all in the beginning hoping you will 
give up.  I have been pumping now for close to a year and I love it.  It is 
so much easier and I have so much more freedom.  The pump allows a person 
with D to live much more "normal" life is the D respect because it acts as a 
artificial pancreas.  Denying some one the use of this new technology would 
be like asking a person when the car became used widely to stick to their 
horse and wagon.

D for seven, pumping for one

"But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is that
-From the immortal Tigger Song

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