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Subject: Re: [IP] Bad to worse - Bolus change revisited

About target range blood sugars - I was playing with a new spreadsheet /
graphing program recently, used Jenna's log of March blood sugars for it.
Was kind of surprised (but not really, I guess) to see that 30% of her blood
sugars for the month were above target range, 30% were below target range,
and 40% were in target range.  So, even though her A-1-C's are 6.5, and the
highs aren't so high and the lows aren't so low as they were on MDI, there's
still only a 2-out-of-5 chance that any given blood sugar will be in target
range.  So, I guess that's about as "even" as we get!

<<Let's face it.
>  All we can do is one day at a time and keep on trying to get evened out.
> Take care, let me know how you do it/      Jackie>>

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