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[IP] Thanks Jenny!

Hi Jenny!
Hope you had a good weekend.
Thanks so very much for doing the chat for me on Thursday night. I 
appreciate your help. I did not get home until 10:30p.m. We had a great 
meeting with 4 prospective pump users. One, was very poorly controlled, 
awful to say but I will be surprised if he stays alive until his endo visit 
in August....gastroparesis, retinopathy, neuropathy and worst of all, 
kidneys are shutting down...I really felt for his wife and mother who came 
along with him.
There was a fellow in early 50's...been type 1 since he was 17 and keeps 
pretty good control...excellent pump candidate.
A young boy, age 10, another good candidate but not much parental support. 
The father of one of the new pumpers, a 12 yr. old girl, brought the boy 
Then there was a young lady, 27 yrs. old and recently out of hospital after 
4 days from DKA. She was told never to have kids. The regimen her Dr. has 
her on is crazy, only two shots/day. She is so depressed....may lose her 
drivers license as well as her job......the pump has given her new hope.
It was kind of an emotional meeting, seeing that most of them could really 
improve their life with a pump, Anyway, it was well worth going to as they 
had lots of questions. The biggest problem here is that the only close endo 
(actually 1 hour away) is booking 6 months down the road.
The CDA here is putting on a health team luncheon for professionals in May 
and I am going to be one of the guest speakers on insulin pumps. It should 
be interesting.........it is a real fight here to get Dr.s to even take some 
info about the pump.
Thanks again Jenny!
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