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Re: [IP] younng adullts/parent of young adults

> I need some input or advice from those of 
> you who have experienced having a
> child with diabetes make that big transition
> to "young adult."  
Having recently (well a few years ago anyway) made 
that "leap" into 'responsible' adulthood, I'll pipe up 
here.  I left my parents at age 20 and got a job that 
didn't offer insurance.  I didn't think that'd be an 
immediate problem as my parents said I'd be covered 
till 23. THEY WERE WRONG!  I drop by the pharmacy to 
pickup medical refills about 3 weeks after my 21st b-
day and the lady says "that'll be $350 please"... 

You coulda picked me up off the floor with a spatula.

So, I had savings, I got enough supplies to last a 
couple months and I changed jobs to one that would 
provide medical coverage.  I almost destroyed my 
relationship to my now spouse in the process but that 
is SO MUCH a story for another time.

I know this probably won't be any help to you, I was in 
a position where I *could* afford to change jobs and in 
a field where fortunately skilled labor was (and still 
is) at a premium (yup you guessed it, I'm a techie).  
In fact I managed to nearly double my salaray in the 
process so it was a blessing in disguise. :)

I guess what I'm saying is that you just do what you 
gotta do 'cause the alternative is no alternative.

-Sara G.

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