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Re: [IP] auto immune diseases

I'm not entirely clear what the medical name is for it 
because no doctor has ever given me a clear 
explanation  ('cause I doubt they know).  But my sister 
and I both (as well as her son) have some "gonadal 
irregularities".  In my case it ammounts to inability 
to have children (and some unusual 
estrogen/testosterone levels).  For my sister she has 
one (VERY OVERACTIVE) ovary, while her son should be 
going into the hospital in the next couple weeks 
because one of his testicles is not descending.

'nuff info for ya? :)

-Sara G.

> I wonder how many of us type 1's have 
> additional auto immune diseases? Are
> we more susceptible to getting more of 
> them?? I'd appreciate hearing what
> additional auto immune conditions 
> members have...   Anyone have diabetes
> plus MS?? diana

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