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[IP] younng adullts/parent of young adults

Hi all--

I need some input or advice from those of you who have experienced having a
child with diabetes make that big transition to "young adult."  I have been
stressing something awful about my 17 year old pumping son, Josh, who will
graduate from high school in June.  If he goes to college, my insurance
will continue to cover his health care needs.  If he doesn't go right to
college, or is unsuccessful at college, he can no longer be covered by my
medical insurance.  So, knowing that not every teenager is ready to go
right to college or right to a job that provides medical insurance (yeah,
he should be so lucky!), I'd like to know what others have done.  Do young
adults spend a couple of years without medical insurance (which is what I
did, but I was on MDI and basically got NO medical care until I landed my
first "real" job).  I'd hate for Josh to have to give up pumping due to the
cost of the supplies; I'm not sure he's ready for college, although he's
willing to give it a try.  He's at a tough age to  have to try to see his
options and the consequences of his choices.  Right now diabetes isn't a
big priority with him--he's got a LOT of other things on his mind!

It's not my life, but I love him with all my heart and want to help him
make good decisions by providing whatever information I can regarding his
options.  I have no intention of telling him how to live his life, but I do
feel the responsibility of offering whatever help and guidance he's willing
to accept. 
It's bad enough when your kids leave home, but having to worry about this
stupid D monster/complication in his life is making me crazy.

Thanks for letting me vent, and thanks in advance for any suggestions or
experiences you are willing to share.  You can post to me privately if you
think this isn't of sufficient interest to post to the list.

:-)  Doreen in Wyoming

(Still smiling, but at times I'm a little worried around the edges! 
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